The Frog Project - Part 2

May 6th to 17th - legs

photo of tadpoles 15 May 2008 photo of tadpole 15 May 2008 photo of tadpole 16 May 2008

From May 6th we started to see little back legs forming and then front legs on a few of the larger tadpoles. In the first photo you can see some of the floating fish food sticks which they started to eat instead of algae, as they got bigger they consumed more and more food and the water needed a partial change (about 1/3 of the tank) just about every day! Starting on May 17th we started removing any tadpoles with four legs to release in our garden pond.

May 17th to June 5th - released

photo of froglet 30 May 2008 photo of frog

Between May 17th and June 5th we released 138 four legged tadpoles and on the last day the final 18 that still hadn't managed a full compliment of legs. The photos above show one of our froglets and an adult frog which had made its own way to the pond.


photo of old pond photo of new pond

In addition to the tadpoles described above we also released a tank full returned from the local nursery and there was the batch of frogspawn that arrived in the pond naturally, so you can imagine how hoppy the garden gets on a rainy day, teeny little frogs everywhere! To provide more habitat for them we are working on a new pond just across from the existing one with no fish, no filtration system and lots of marginal plants and ground cover.


To extend the frog life project into amphibians generally I got a copy of the Life in Cold Blood DVD set. Audrey sat in rapt fascination through the entire five episodes and has since watched the first two again. It hardly needs saying with David Attenborough's name on it but the photography is stunning and there are several sequences of animals and behaviors never filmed before.

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