Lapbooking projects

Lap booking is a fun way to put together records of projects, special days, family history, to be honest pretty much anything!! They can be as big or as small as you want, as simple or as complex as you need and most importantly when inspiration, artistic flair or the entirety of your brain goes AWOL you can buy them in downloadable form complete with instructions, references and mini books to keep you occupied for hours in the evening whilst you cut and assemble them ready for the kids to fill in!!! So first things first;

What is a lap book?

Well it’s a folder you can open on your lap full of mini-books, photos, illustrations and interactive goodies which preserve memories or snippets of information discovered to fit into a wider theme.

What is it made from?

Well, the preferred method (and I have to say the easiest) is to use is to use file folders; they are uniform in size and fit together nicely. I used cardboard I cut to shape but will always use folders for evermore because its soooooooo much easier. You can then add backing papers much like you would when putting together a scrap book or just keep the colour of the folders. Then comes the fun bit – filling the lap book with oodles of stuff.

What do you put in it?

Whatever you want!! The idea is for the information to be presented in an attractive, memorable, interesting and easy to absorb way. For educational projects you can either buy or create mini-books that open out, pop up or have lift-able flaps to display what has been learned. These books can have illustrated covers, graphics or photographs and if you buy a pack then it will generally come instructions of how to layout the books. If you make them yourself then you can have fun jiggling them around, making them fit and filling in the gaps with decorative stamps, cut outs, stick on paper decorations etc.

Why do it?

Well…..its fun! It’s a record of the work you have done displayed in an attractive and easily manageable form. I’ve found that my son likes showing off his lap book and because the minibooks are just that, mini; a little bit of work produces the gratifying result of having a completed mini-book to stick in your lapbook and before you know it you have a whole spread completed.

So where can I get them?

Well if you want to buy a ready planned pack with everything you need to get going apart from the folders then Live and Learn Press has a very good selection of lap books with idiot proof instructions including all important assembly pictures and lay out over views spread by spread. It also includes mini-book assembly guides and a teachers (eek) guide which explains what needs to be done in each book and includes internet links to help you do this. Once you’ve done a couple you may get inspired to do your own and just entering the word lapbook into a search engine will throw out a wealth of ideas and styles.

Happy Lapbooking!

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