South West Surrey Home Education

Who we are

We are a group of families based in South West Surrey (UK) and the surrounding areas who home educate their children. We educate using a wide variety of philosophies, from autonomous to structured and are a very diverse bunch when it comes to parenting styles, nationality, race and religion. We have weekly gatherings at various locations around the county where parents and children chat and play and generally hang out. Members arrange courses, other regular social meet-ups as well as one off events like educational talks and trips or just doing fun stuff together. These are listed on the Regular Events and HE Groups pages.

map of approx south west surrey area

How to use this site

If you're looking for groups or regular events in our area (see map) the Regular Group Events page is your best bet. If you're looking for groups elsewhere we have a list on the Home Ed Groups page along with links to national and special interest groups. Over on the left you'll also see links to a few general pages with odds and ends like local places to visit.

If you are new to home education or just considering it you will no doubt have many questions. The FAQ page covers many of the most common ones but you will probably still want to 'talk' to someone. One of the national online groups is your best bet as they have many more people on them than the local ones so there's much more chance that someone will have time to spare. However online can't beat sitting down with a cup of tea for a proper chat so finding a group or activity near you to meet people face to face is well worth the trouble.

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